Goodbye LA!

Hello — planet Earth.

We are thrilled to announce the release of our first true studio album, “Goodbye L.A.,” which we are proud to say is available on iTunes now! Get it here.

We couldn’t have begun to embark on such a huge endeavor without, of course, the support from our fans, family, and friends from Nashville, Dahlonega, and around the country. We hope you enjoy our latest tunes as much as we are proud of them.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think! Whether you send us a tweet (@fiddleheadsband), find us on Facebook, or shoot us a personal email ( — we’d love to hear from you.

Stay fiddly, folks!

The Fiddleheads


CD + Merchandise + Concert Schedule Coming Soon!

The great moment of your life has come! We, the Fiddleheads of Day-Lon-Go, Georgia, are proud to officially declare an end to all of the speculation that we’re almost positive you’ve heard in the news lately: we are currently in the preliminary stages of developing a full length album for your pleasure and enjoyment! We plan to release it as in CD, MP3, and cassette tape formats.

We are, of course, keeping the contents of the album-in-the-making on the “down-down” (as kids supposedly say these days) but we can assure you, most cherished fan, that we will satisfy all types of musical taste buds.

Also coming soon: along with a massive overhaul of this website, you will be able to purchase various official Fiddleheads paraphernalia at the click of a button. Yes! It’s true — you will soon be able to purchase your very own official band shirts, hats, and other accessories, complete with your favorite Fiddleheads logos and artwork. (If you have any ideas for designs, share them with us at!)

Finally, you will also be able to find upcoming Fiddleheads concerts in your area — right here at!

Speaking of, if you would like for the Fiddleheads to perform at your next event or know of a Fiddle-esque venue that may be interested in hosting the band as part of any upcoming tour, please let us know here!

As always, we thank you for your support :-)

Stay Fiddly…
Trygve, Adam, Jake, Michael, and Zak

Happy Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day

Unbeknownst to most of our visitors but hardly a stranger to us, today we celebrate National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day. We, the Fiddleheads band, can sympathize with creative flavors of ice cream because, like them, we offer a clever and original flavor of music that stands in stark contrast with the bland, typical, “run-of-the-mill” vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry bands of the world.

Would we consider ourselves Neapolitan? Hardly. Rocky Road or Turtle Tracks? No, no, too cliché. We like to think that the Fiddleheads are something in between Ben & Jerry’s “Cherry Garcia” and “New York Super Fudge Chunk”. Fans have told us that our music blurs the metaphorical line separating “Bovinity Divinity” and “Americone Dream.”

Regardless, our message is clear and consistent with that of National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Holiday: Try tasting something different. Likewise, we believe that you should listen to something different. Something Creative. Something… Fiddly.

So, this holiday weekend, we encourage you to finally try those complex tasting, visually stunning, and uniquely packaged Ice Cream Flavors that you’ve been waiting for.

And while you’re at it, we hope you’ll try The Fiddleheads.

Watch America’s Got Talent Tonight at 8:00 on NBC!

And you may get to catch a glimpse of the Fiddleheads!

We apologize for the recent lapse in posts, folks… But we have a great reason why! With all of the practicing and preparing for — well we can’t legally tell you what it may be for — it’s put a strain on our ability to communicate effectively with our fans! We promise to put a stop to our procrastination NOW! And get on with the things that matter most, like

Purple Flag Alert!

Dangerous Marine Creatures have been spotted in Southern Nevada!

That’s right, folks. Its our regret to inform you that there is a shark swimming in our midst. Most discomforting to us all, it may indeed be a Great White, known to our amigos sur de la frontera as “el blanco grandé.”

i Ay, Caramba !

Here, horrified onlookers watch as he approaches unaware prey:

LITTLE TO NOTHING (if anything)

in this post should be taken seriously as a factual statement! It is up to you, Fiddlehead-head, to decipher truth from fiction. Without further ado, may we present to you a recent article from a highly reputable source, The Daily Scuttlebutt:

They’ve been described as handsome, talented, ravishing, derelict, and absolutely unforgettable. Hailed by many as “the group that could save Mo-Town,” The Fiddleheads, from small automobile racing town of Dallanega, fuse together a variety of eclectic sounds to create the music that has America tapping its foot along to.

Initially assembled by Zak McConnell, great-nephew of Play-Doh magnate Horatio McConnell, the band has come a long way from its humble beginning as a reggae-quartet that formed in the local Taco-Bell parking lot over a decade ago. Catapulted to recent fame, the revamped quintet has decided to load up the caravan and head West to greener pastures and untapped audiences. Rumor has it that longtime friends of the band, exotic animal training duo Siegfried & Roy, have invited them to perform in Las Vegas (the band has refused comment). This assertion does not seem particularly out of place for the reclusive Fiddleheads, known for their erratic behavior and lavish ways.

Despite much mystery concerning The Fiddleheads’ current musical direction, one thing remains for certain: their future is undoubtedly bright. They’ve already proven they could outdo Britney, Michael, Cee Lo, Stevie, and the Boys. We are unsure which musical mountaintop they will unquestionably conquer next. We find assurance, however, in the words of the band’s guitarist, Michael Wallace, who recently promised in a fake British accent: “It’ll be very, very fiddly.”

Well folks, that just about says it. Thank you, as ever, for your never-ending support. While we can neither confirm nor deny any portion of the above report, rest assured that we will keep you informed as best we can, as often as we can.

the Band